Provide quality censoring services through accurate classification, effective enforcement and educational measures adherence to Samoan cultural values and Religious beliefs for maintaining orders and stability in the community

Core Functions

  • Classification and rating of films
  • Registration and licensing
  • Spot Checks
  • Raise community and business stakeholders awareness
  • Coordination of Film Control Board meetings

Classification of Films

Must be completed within 1-10 working days:

Television and Video shops

  • 1 – 5 films = 3 days
  • 1 – 10 films = 5 days
  • 1 – 15 films = 8 days
  • 1 – 20 films = 10 days


  • 1 day = Owner to inform Office 2 -3 days in advance

Document Required

  • Form listing all videos/films submitted and number of copies
  • Physical videos/films to be censored
Steps Task Standard
View Movies (for new movies but not fo movies already rated
View movies in full
Assess movies by completing assessment form
Use classification guidelines
Rate movie
Rate move according to guidelines and also the Samoan culture
Refer movie with complete assessment form of the Principal Censor for endorsement
Site assessment form and check compliance with above requirements
Register new movies in electronic database with rating
Complete registration of information required by database

Governing Legislation

Film Control Act 1978 is the Principal Act that establishes the Film Control Board (FCB) and makes better provisions for the Film Control and regulations on The Exhibition of films and censorship of films.

This regulation is adhered to in conjunction with the Films Control Act 1978 and it acts as an implementation guide to the policies put in place in accordance with the three (3) main functions of the Censorship Office:

  1. Classification of Films
  2. Law Enforcement and
  3. Educational Programs (Public Awareness)

This Act amends sections 2 – 18 of the Principal Act 1978.

This Act 2010 made additional amendment to the principal act to update the legislations in line with technological development in the film industry.

Film Control Regulations 2010 repeals Film Control Regulations 1979 and mandates the use of the new templates that the Censorship Office have been using for processing applications for film exhibition and lenders licenses as well as processing censoring of films.

Payment of Fees Process

Document Required

Movie List with ratings and fees calculated and noted on list.

Steps Task Standard
Calculate Fees

New Titles - $22.50

Copies - $5.60

Reels - $56.25

Inform Companies of the payment to be made
All contact addresses of Companies is updated.
Transfer movie list to cashier

Attach copies for companies

Movie list to be endorsed by Principal Censor

Issues receipt of payment upon payment
Receipt numbers enter on movie list for record purposes
Transfer movie list to Principal Accountant for release of stickers.
Complete registration of information required by database

Classification Guide