Provide good quality services to the Ministry and the public through effective and efficient management of human resources related issues;


Human Resources and Administration Unit is one of the core functions in the Corporate Services Division. It aims at providing support services amongst all Divisions via specific tasks to enable smooth operations throughout the workforce daily. In order to provide high quality and expected results, our team must ensure staff compliance to laws and policies are managed effectively through initiatives, refresher trainings, and reminders.

Our roles are interrelated with the notion of having multi-skilled staff so that teamwork and one language speak all is enforced. Building team capacity is mainly done through on the job training with available assistance offer by central agencies such as the Office of the Public Service Commission on Laws and Policies related to Human Resources, and the Ministry of Finance on the administrative side of work.

Further, values and code of ethics are substantial factors which our team must uphold to ensure services are delivered in a satisfactory manner. Building good rapport with staff members and of external stakeholders is also significant in making sure that we are able to liaise effectively not only to facilitate with our processes but in guaranteeing approval for such matters relating to employees requests and benefits.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Provide policy advice to the Executive team and staff on Act, Regulations, Laws and Policies pertaining to Human Resource matters.
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate the Recruitment and Selection process of Permanent staff
  • Manage Staff Leave update
  • Manage the Ministry Payroll System
  • Co-ordinate the Ministry Performance Management System
  • Co-ordinate staff Induction training
  • Manage the processing of Officiating Marriage License
  • Liaise with the Office of the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Finance on Human Resources related matters
  • Manage common records and staff Personal Files
  • Manage Ministry fleets for daily operations
  • Prepare Cabinet submissions where appropriate for Judges and Executive team travels
Governing Legislation
  1. Public Service Act 2004
  2. Public Service Regulations 2008
  3. Working Conditions and Entitlements 2015
  4. Public Finance Management Act 2001
  5. Treasury Instructions 2013
  6. Recruitment and Selection Manual
  7. Performance Management System Manual
  1. Increase and maintain staff compliance to laws, policies and procedures that are in place
  2. Values and code of conduct must uphold by every individual
  3. Staff issues and enquiries must address through strong policy advise
  4. Build strong rapport with the staff to create mutual trust
  5. Staff benefits should monitor closely and must be paid out if necessary
  6. Develop staff capacity building through utilizing available resources and opportunities from stakeholders
  7. Employees and Judges safety through well maintained fleets
Our Team
  1. Principal HR/Administration
  2. Senior Officer – HR/Administration
  3. HR Officer – HRMIS
  4. HR Officer – Payroll
  5. HR Officer – Customer Service
  6. Drivers (10)