MJCA is responsible for the effective administration of the following mandates. These mandates give MJCA legislated authority to operate dually as an arm of Judiciary and that of the Executive


1Administration Act 1975 25Frustrated Contracts Act 1975
2Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 200726Incorporated Societies Ordinance Act 1952
3Arbitration Act 197627Indecent Publications Ordinance 1960
4Bankruptcy Act 190828 Industrial & Provident Societies
5Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 200229Infants Ordinance 1961
6Carriers Act 197530International Criminal Court Act 2007
7Commissions of Inquiry Act 1964 31Judgement Summons Act 1965
8Community Justice Act 200832Judicature Act 2020
9Community Law Centre Act 201533Land and Titles Act 2020
10Contributory Negligence Act 196434Maintenance and Affiliation Act 1967
11Cooperative Societies Ordinance 195235Marriage Ordinance 1961
12Copyright Act 199836Newspapers and Printers Act 1993
13Coroners Act 201737Notaries Public Act 1974
14Criminal Procedure Act 201638Oaths, Affidavits and Declarations Act 1963
15Declaratory Judgements Act 198839Official Flag and National Anthem of Samoa Act 1994
16Defamation Act 1992/199340Partnership Act 1975
17District Courts Act 201641Police Offences Ordinance 1961
18Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Ordinance 196142Prisons Parole Board Act 1977
19Evidence Act 201543Property Law Act 1952 (New Zealand)
20Extradition Act 197444Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgements Act 1970
21Family Court Act 201445Secret Commissions Act 1975
22Family Safety Act 201346Sentencing Act 2016
23Fatal Accidents Act 197447Wills Act 1975
24Film Control Act 197848Young Offenders Act 2007
49Sports Disputes Resolution Act 2008