Mediation Fees
Matai Publication$100
Matai Certificate$20
Confirmation of Matai Signed for Beer License$50
Interim Order$100
Court Petition (First Court)$100
Land and Titles Court Fees
Charging ActivityCurrent Rate (SATS)20% ReductionNew Rate (SATS
Tupe totogi mo suega tauaao atu ua pasi le taimi faatulagaina e tatau ona tuuina atu ai ae le'i oo i le aso mo le suega (late filing)$300$60$240
Tupe totogi mo seuga tauaao atu i le aso lava e faatino ai le suega (non compliance)$500$100$400
Tupe totogi mo sa talosaga e tolopo ai se mataupu (adjournment)$500$100$400
Tupe totogi mo se talosaga e vave faatulaga se mataupu (urgent fee)$300$60$240
Leave to Appeal Court$300
Certified Copy$5
Per Page60 cent
Priority Fee$300
Court Adjournment $500
Court Additional Party$100
Talosaga Faaulu$100
Objection $100
Filing - Court of Appeal$300
Interim Order (President)$100
Late Filing (Judiciary)$100
Non Compliant (Judiciary)$5
Censorship Fees
Name of FeeCurrent Fee Value
Registration & LicensingExhibitor set up fee (Establishment fee)$1000
Exhibitor License$500/year
Special Exhibitors$20/show
Lenders License (Town)$400/year
Lenders License (Rural)$100/year
CensorshipReel Classification$56.25
New Title$22.50
AppealAppeal of Principal$20.00
Supreme Court Fees
Civil Claim (>$20,000)$100
Motions & Applications$18
Judgement Summons$15
Writ or Arrest & Injunctions$83
Warrant of Execution$18
District & FF Courts Fees
Civil Claim ($10,000<$20,000)$50
Civil Claim ($2,000<$10,000)$20
FF Civil Claim ($500<$2000) $20
FF Civil Claim ($100<$500)$15
FF Civil Claim (<$100)$7.50
Judgement Summons$15
Writ or Arrest & Injunctions$53
Warrant of Execution$18
Family Court Fees
Adoption (including Guardianship & Discharge)$100
Motion & Applications$18
Overseas Adoption$150
Petition for Divorce (Local)$50
(Overseas Service or Dispense with Service)$100
(Section 7G - Prepared by Registrar)$195
Court Other Fees
Motions and Applications$18
Certified true copies of adoption documentation$15
Statutory Declarations prepared by Registrar$10
Certifying any documents$5
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