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 Provide quality administrative support to the Courts, effective enforcement of Court decisions as well as efficient services to the Public.

Liusuavai Kerisiano


Savaii Court Division has two main sections under the supervision of two Deputy Registrars/Principals.

Core Functions

Provide administrative support service for the Courts through

  • Court attendance
  • Phonographic and Transcribing
  • Preparing reports for the Courts
  • Carry out roles of the Deputy Registrar in both Courts.
  • Organize and assist LTC Judges during Court mediations
  • Organize and attend to Court land visits and surveys

Facilitate, manage and monitor mediation and registration of matai titles

  • Lands and Titles Court mediation
  • Probation and Parole Court ordered meetings (FGC&PSM)
  • Maintenance and Affiliation Mediation
  • Warrants and Bailiffs Mediation
  • Registration of Matai titles.


Enforcement of Court Decisions

  • Manage community based sentences through Probation & Parole Supervision
  • Maintenance and Affiliation Court orders
  • Warrants and Bailiffs Court orders
  • Lands and Titles Court orders

Management of Court Records

  • Digitization of Lands & Titles Court records and Tuasivi registry
  • Management of Information, Communication and Technology
  • Improve records keeping system for Savaii
  • Handling of incoming and outgoing mails and correspondences

Providing all Corporate Services

  • Counter Service
  • Human resource services
  • Finance and Accounting services
  • Maintenance of Office Building
  • Capacity building of staff

Networking with the community through awareness programs.

  1.  Receiving, Processing and Servicing Section
  2. Case Management/Court Administration Section

We are committed as a team in achieving excellence through precisely executing of our divisional key responsibility areas.

Divisional Structure