To effectively and efficiently facilitate and monitor the development of ministry Policies and Plans; Compile statistical analysis and the Ministry’s Annual Reports; and coordinate the Ministry Annual Awareness Programme

Core Functions

  1. Facilitate and develop Ministry Policies
  2. Develop, Compile Ministries Plan
  3. Provide Monitoring role
  4. Coordinate Awareness Program for the Ministry
  • Conducted Public Awareness workshops for the Public and Stakeholders on the services of the Ministry
  • Prepared MJCA booth for Career days and other external awareness programs
  • Update and prepare Services Charter for awareness as well as other documentations
  • Provide policy and planning assistance to Ministry staff when required
  • Provide Stories on Ministry current events for IT upload on Ministry website

Ministry Procedures and Policies

  • Service Charter
  • Services Manual (Faasoa Kit)

Documents Compiled

Ministry Plans

  1. Corporate Plan
  2. Annual Management Plan

Ministry Reports

  • Quarterly Reports (implementation of AMP)
  • Twelve (12) monthly review Report (implementation of AMP)
  • Annual / Financial Year Report

The PPE Section also provides professional policy advice to the Management and Executive on issues pertinent to policy, planning and evaluation frameworks for the Ministry.