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To provide administrative services to the Land and Titles Court and the Public.

Ia ofoina atu le auaunaga aupito sili ona lelei i le Faamasinoga o Fanua ma Suafa faapea le atunuu lautele.

Leugamata Faletolu Lofipo


The Land and Titles Court Division manages, process cases and provide administrative services for the Land and Titles Court.(First Court, High Court and the LT Court of Appeal and Review) and serving the public on any requirements with regards to Land and Titles matters. 

Land and Titles First Court

Land and Titles High Court

Land and Titles Court of Appeal and Review

Core Functions

Provides administrative services mainly for post petition process and including provision of court reports to the Land and Titles First Court, Land and Titles High Court and Land and Titles Court of Appeal and Review. They also provide case management support to the Judiciary of the Land and Titles Courts.

Matafaioi Autu

Tuuina atu auaunaga, suesuega ma tapenaina o ripoti ma le tautuaina o Faamasinoga nei. Faamasinoga Muamua o Fanua ma Suafa, Faamasinoga Maualuga ma le Faamasinoga o Apili ma Iloiloga; Faamaumauina Taualumaga o le Faamasinoga ma le taina o Faaiuga a Faamasinoga

Governing Legislation
  • Land and Titles Act 2020
  • Village Fono Act 1990
  • Constitution of Samoa
Court Fees
  • Leave to Appeal Court: $300
  • Certified Copy: $5
  • Per Page: $0.60
  • Priority Fee: $300
  • Adjournment Fee: $500
  • Talosaga Faaulu: $100
  • Objection Fee: $100
  • Filing Fee: Court of Appeal Fee: $300
  • Search Fee: $5.60
  • Interim Order (President): $100
  • Late Filing Fee (Judiciary(: $100
  • Non Compliant Fee (Judiciary): $5
Divisional Structure
Phonographic and Transcribing

To record and transcribe all Court Proceedings and Decisions

    • LTC – Court of first instance
    • LTA (Leave to Appeal)
    • COA (LTC Court of Appeal)
  • Ensure accurate information is effectively recorded and correctly transcribed
  • Ensure Transcripts are made available within the approved timeframe