Florita Esther Schuster


This division provides assistance to the Law and Justice Sector Steering Committee in the coordination of sector programmes and activities that will deliver on the goals of the Sector. It is responsible for policy, planning and evaluation services; and provides quality censoring through accurate classification, effective enforcement and educational measures adherence to Samoan cultural values and religious beliefs for maintaining order and stability.


Core Functions

  • Facilitate and develop Ministry Policies – Compile update of Manuals/Policies and Procedures
  • Develop Monitoring role- Conduct Reviews of Plans (Monitoring role), conduct quarterly, 6 months & 12 months Review for Annual Management Plans, Conduct Yearly Review of the reviews conducted
  • Preparation of Ministry Reports – Develop and compile Ministry Annual report to Parliament, Preparation of Statistical reports on the Ministry Performance
  • Coordinate Awareness Program for the Ministry – Conducted Public Awareness workshops for the Public & Stakeholder on the services of the Ministry, Prepared MJCA booth for Career days and other external awareness programs, update and prepare Services Charter for awareness programs, documentations, provide policy and planning assistance to Ministry staff when required, provide Stories on Ministry current events for IT upload on Ministry Website

Governing Legislation

  • Film Control Act 1978
  • Film Control Regulation 1979
  • Film Control Amendment Act 1998
  • Film Control Amendment Act 2010
  • Film Control Regulations 2010