Aumua Roni Fereti


The Corporate Services Division exists to provide good leadership, management of systems, work processes, efficient support and coordination of the Office activities and programs through:

  • An office with the required capacity to fulfil its work.
  • An aligned organisational structure matched with its mandates and responsibilities.
  • Well-managed workforce who deliver their performance and always strive to improve.
  • Timely financial management systems and reporting.
  • A ministry that is well supported by an online government financial and human resource system.
  • Maintenance of an effective records keeping management system.
  • Effective working relationship with the ministry of Finance.

It comprises of three main Sections namely: Human Resource, Finance and Building Management.

Human Resource

Accounts Section

Building Management

Human Resource
  • A capable and engaged workforce.
  • An effective Human Resources Management System.
  • On-going staff development programs.
  • Maintain a mutual working relationship with PSC on Human Resource matters.
  • Co-ordinate the Ministry’s corporate personnel functions.
  • Co-ordinate performance review of Staff.
  • Manage and monitor the recruitment and selection process.
  • Coordinate reviews of the Ministry’s organizational structure to guide the recruitment and selection of required staff.
  • Looking after payroll and other HR matters
  • An effective Financial Management System.
  • Compliance with accounting procedures and timeliness of reporting.
  • Lead and coordinate the Budget Preparation process.
  • Monitoring assets management process.
  • Sound Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of projects and budget targets.
  • Efficient coordination and logistical support.
  • Provide regular and accurate financial budget reports to all Output Managers on a timely manner.
  • Provide financial advice on the trends and impacts of expenditure and revenue according whenever is needed by Management
  • Monitor output expenditures to ensure Ministry compliance with budgetary spending pro-rata.
  • Review financial transactions and codes for conformance to standard procedures chart of accounts.
Building Management
  • Secured and safety of people using the Court House.
  • Clean and healthy environment at the Court and compound.
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of the Court House.
  • Secure and safeguard of the Court House and compound.
  • Provide general support to the Ministry.
  • Provide technical advice on construction and building upgrade works of the ministry.
Divisional Structure