This unit was set up to manage the referral of matters from Court (Supreme & District Court) for mediation. This is a follow through on the enactment of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2007.
The amendment in 2013 to the ADR Act 2007 describes alternative dispute resolution as a process used to resolve disputes between parties in civil proceedings which is outside the usual court-based litigation model and includes processes of mediation, arbitration etc.
Mediation therefore is a dispute resolution process in which an impartial person, the mediator assists parties to:

  • Identify the issues in dispute
  • ¬†Explore and generate options
  • Communicate with one another
  • Resolve their dispute

The Court Annexed Mediation Unit (CAMU) of the Ministry was set up to cater for Court referred mediations. The Unit arranges and schedule mediations as well as providing the list of accredited mediators to the parties in accordance with the Mediation Rules 2013. The Unit can also provide information about the mediators and explain to the parties what mediation is and what they can expect from the mediation process. The Unit keeps a list of all accredited mediators and only Accredited Mediators of Samoa Association are allowed under the Act/Rules to mediate court referred matters.
The Unit also administers the affairs of the Mediation Council as well as the Mediation Accreditation