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Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2007
Arbittration Act 1976
Administration Act 1975
Carrier Act 1975
Commissions of Inquiry Act 1964
Community Justice Act 2008
Coroners Ordinance 1959
Crime Ordinance 1961
Criminal Procedure Act 1972
Declaratory Judgment Act 1988
Defamation Act 1992/1993
District Courts Act 1969
Divorce & Matrimonial Causes Ordinance 1961
Divorce & Matrimonial Causes Amendment Act 2010
Evidence Ordinance 1961
Extradition Act 1974
Film Control Act 1978
Film Control Amendment Act 2010
Indecent Publications Ordnance 1960
Infants Ordinance 1961
International Criminal Court Act 2007
Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1968
Judgment Summons Act 1965
Judicature Ordinance 1961
Judicature Amended Act 1970
Land & Titles Act 1981
Land & Titles Amended Act 2012
Maintenance & Affiliation Act 1967
Maintenance & Affiliation Amendment Act 2010
Marriage Ordinance 1961
Notaries Public Act 1974
Oaths, Affidavits & Declarations Act 1963
Partnerships Act 1975
Prisions Parole Board Act 1977
Proerty Law Act 1952
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgment Act 1970
Secret Commission Act 1975
Wills Act 1975
Young Offenders Act 2007
Administration Procedure Rules 1980
District Court Rules 1971
Supreme Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 1980
District Court Rules 1971
Supreme Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 1980
Supreme Court (Fees and Costs) Rules 1971
Reciprocial Enforcenment of Judgments Rules 1971


Talofa Lava
Welcome to the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration's Website
The Ministry understands that it exists to serve and support the Courts by providing the best and always seeking new and creative ways to lift its service and administrative support to the Courts. It does this despite budget and any other constraints. When it succeeds in this, its primary purpose the public and any user of the Court is also appropriately served and in doing so we make our contribution to seeking Justice for a Safe and Stable Samoa
Court Complex at Mulinuu
General Summary of the Court Complex at Mulinuu
The Court Complex Building accommodates the Judiciary and the Staff of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration. There are twelve (12) court rooms altogather, eight (8) of which are for the Criminal and Civil Courts namely four (4) Supreme Courts and four (4) District Courts. The remaining four (4) Court rooms are used for the Land and Titles Court.
The Court Complex also caters to facilitate the Ministry's stakeholders namely. The Law Society, AMSA (Accredited Mediators of Samoa Association, MOPP (Ministry of Police and prisons) and Samoa Victims Support.
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The Faulty of Law at the University of Otago is pleased to offer Continuing Professional EducationCourse GPCC5052 Soalaupule Samoa Customary Mediation Course Description
This course Aims to equip Mediators who deal specifically with Mediations for the Land & Titles Court of Samoa as provided for in the Land and Title Court Act 1981 (Samoa). The objective of the Course is to develop throug its components the Fundementals of Soalaupule- Samoa Customary Mediation 4inorder to inform the determination of its principles, precesses and procedures.
Course Outline
This course will be taught in Four (4) Components over a period of Eight (8) weeks from the beginning of July to early September.
Soalaupule Samoa Customary Mediation Craduation Class of 2013
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