Policy, Planning and Evaluation

ACEO: Shamila Leavai    Email: s.leavai@mjca.gov.ws

Ensure the development and periodic review of comprehensive and sustainable policies, plans, programs and all activities of the Ministry for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of the Service.

Documents Compiled:

a. Corporate plan
b. Annual Management plan

c. Annual Reports
d. Quarterly Reports (implementation of AMP)
e. Twelve (12) monthly review Report (implementation of AMP)
f. Annual / Financial Year Report

Policies / Procedures
g. Service Charter
h. Services Manual (Faasoa Kit)

Censor Section

Censor Section provides quality-censoring services through accurate classification of films, effective enforcement and educational programs whilst adhering to Samoan cultural values and religious beliefs to maintain order and stability in the community.

Classification Guide [Click on the link to view the ratings of movies]

Provided hereunder is the Classification Guide used by the Censor Section to determine the ratings of movies for its suitability and public viewing.

The Classification of films must be completed within 1-10 working days:

 Television & Video shops:

  • 1-5 films = 3 days
  • 1-10 films = 5 days
  • 1-15 films = 8 days
  • 1-20 films = 10 days


  • 1 day – Owner to inform Office 2-3 days in advance

About MJCA

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Upolu Numbers:

  • phone : (685) 22671 - 74
  • Fax : (685) 21050

Savaii Numbers:

  • Phone : (685) 53514
  • Fax : (685) 53513
Please address all correspondences to the Chief Executive Officer / Registrar of the Courts.

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