1. Remanding Officer

  • Executive Officers & all the Deputy Registrars
  • Authority to remand these who are in custody

Weekdays: twice a day- 10am & 3pm
Weekends 12pm (upon request)

2. Swearing of affidavits and other Court Documents

Pursuant to the Oath, Affidavits & Declarations Act 1963 where it gives the power to the Registrar or the Solicitor of the Court to swear in affidavits & documents, Court Documents (Applications that goes to court)

  • Statutory Declaration
  • Birth/marriage certification
  • Divorce
  • Adoptions etc

3. Certification of documents:

  • Any document(s) that needs to be certified


  • Applicants must bring copies of original to be certified
    • Scholarship Bonds
    • Personal credentials (Qualifications)

4. Solemnisation of Marriage

Solemnization of marriage is facilitated / conducted by a Marriage Officer. It is one of the duties performed by the Registrar (including some Assistant Registrars and Deputy Registrars) provided under the Marriage Ordinance 1961. Only licensed marriage officers appointed and having received license signed by the Head of States can carry out these duties.

Important information:

  • Legal age to enter into marriage. (Marriage Ordinance 1961 PART 11, Section 9 & 10)
    - Minimum age of Marriage 

-Male = at least 18 years 

-Female – at least 16 years

- Consent to marriage of minors

-Marriage officer should not solemnize a marriage of minors without the consent of at least one of the parents or the legal guardian
-Minors are considered as the minimum age of marriage.

Notice of marriage = parties must give notice of their marriage to the marriage officer in writing at least 10 days before the marriage date.

  • Parties are advised to come into the office to uplift the form for marriage to fill in note: parties are welcome to ask assistance from the office in filling in the form
  • Marriage officer can only solemnize marriage after 10 days the notice of marriage (form) is submitted and before the duration of three (3) months.

Process for marriage by a Marriage officer:

1. Couple must come into the office to uplift and fill in form

- Consent of parents/guardian of under aged couple must be submitted together with the form as a requirement of the ‘notice of marriage’.

2. Marriage officer will notify the couple on when the marriage will take place(which it must be after 10 days)

- Couples are required to:

a) Bring two (2) witnesses on the day;
b) Dress well to the occasion.

3. Marriage officer will scheduled date of marriage – Solemnization of marriage

4. Couple must take Marriage Receipt to be taken to the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriage Division of the Bureau of Statistics for registration.

a) A receipt signed by parties and the Marriage Officer to which they take to register marriage at BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriage Division of the Bureau of Statistics)

SECRETARIAL AND TRANCRIPTUION SERVICES (Judges Associates – Supreme & District Courts)

Judges Associates are responsible for all secretarial needs of the Judges. They attend to Court daily to record, transcribe and produce a transcript of Court proceedings as and when required.

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