New Assistant Chief Executive Officer for Tuasivi Courts

Savaii Court at Tuasivi, is known to be the mini version of our Main office at Mulinu’u that offers and administers all services available in Mulinu’u except for the Supreme Court Jurisdiction. The Lands and Titles Court operate weekly wherein Samoan Judges from the main office at Mulinu’u are allocated and roster to attend to Savaii Court from Monday to Thursday. Since September 2020, the Lands and Titles Court of Appeal has now been fully operated by our team in Savaii compared to previous years where all Appeal Cases of the LTC was performed by our Court of Appeal Team from Mulinu’u. The Court of Appeal sits on a monthly basis in Savaii where the President and Vice Presidents are to reside over these appeal cases.
The Civil and Criminal Court now sits twice a month since March 2021 whereas before it only occurred once a month. District Court Judges are assigned and roster to attend to Civil and Criminal Court cases in Savaii except for the Faamasinoga Fesoasoani Court where a Samoan Judge from the Lands and Titles Court presides.
A total of 24 staff is headed by the Assistant Chief Executive Officer.