Inmates released under parole supervision

The Parole Board meets regularly on a quarterly basis to deliberate on applications by eligible prisoners for early release. In making their decisions, the Parole Board gives due consideration to the factors such as the undue safety of the community, rehabilitation programs, offender’s remorse, victim’s support, reconciliation and suitable accommodation given any family and community support for the effective reintegration of the inmate before releasing under parole supervision. Listed below are members of the Parole Board;


  1. Chairperson – Hon. Chief Justice
    1. CEO / Registrar – Ministry of Justice & Courts Administration
    1. Commissioner of Police and Prisons
    1. Attorney General 
    1. Registered Medical Practitioner 
    1. Female Representative 
    1. Community Member – church minister   

During the Parole Board Hearing on March 2021, a total of 35 parole applications were called which comprised of 27 first time applicants (fresh) and 7 deferred applicants whom applied and reviewed in previous board hearings. Additionally, a recall application was put forward to the Parole Board requesting that a parolee be recalled to serve the remainder of their original imprisonment term due to reoffending whilst on parole. A total of 4 male prisoners (2 fresh and 2 deferred) were granted parole and released under supervision with special and strict conditions.  Of the 4 parolees recently released, 3 were charged with property offences while the remaining 1 was charged with a crime against a person. The age group of the 4 parolees ranges from 18 to 28 years of age.